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    Consecutive Tee Time Tournaments

Start TimeSat-SunMon-WedThu-FriSeniors Mon-Thur
10:00AM $80 / person $60 / person $60 / person $53 / person
11:30AM $70 / person $53 / person $55 / person $50 / person
1:00PM $60 / person $50 / person $53 / person $47 / person
2:30PM $50 / person $40 / person $53 / person $45 / person
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Tournament Suggestions (optional)

The Duffer

Range token and bottled water - $5.00 ($8.00 value)

The Gimmie

$4 per person ($5 Gift Card value)
$7 per person ($ 10 Gift Card value)

The Sandbagger*

$14/person "To Go" Lunch - Deli Sub or Hot Dog w/choice of chips, candy or fruit and choice of domestic beer, bottled water or soda. Can be picked up at the Snack Shack or Restaurant.

The 19th Holers*

Appetizer packages - $19.00 - $25.00 and up depending on menu choice (see Menu).

The Heavy Hitter*

$38/person NY steak (12 oz "choice") dinner w/roasted red potatoes, veggies, garlic bread, Caesar salad, mixed green salad, cheesecake w/strawberry sauce and coffee (see Menu).

Beverage Ticket*

$5.00 - $12.00 depending on beverage choice

Additional Tournament Information

Rental Sets

(RENTAL FEES ARE $25.00 standard - $40.00 premium)
All players are required to have their own set of clubs. Rental sets are available for both right and left handed players.

Inclement Weather

If inclement weather exists on your scheduled day of play, players may elect not to play and receive a full refund. This decision can‘t be made until inside of two hours of the start time for the tournament.
Once players have chosen to begin play, there will be NO REFUNDS OR RAIN CHECKS.

Scheduled Day of Play

We ask that the individual representing the group, please check in with the Spring Valley starter at least 30 minutes prior to the groups first tee time. At that time, we ask that a copy of your group's pairings be given to the starter. The pairings can be e-mailed to jrockwood@springvalleygolfcourse.com or faxed to (408) 262-3260 the day before your scheduled day of play. We tee players off in alternating seven and eight minute intervals. We expect all players to maintain a pace of play, which will allow a round of golf to be completed in approximately 4 1/2 hours.