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    Course Tour

  • Hole #1

    The first hole is a par-4 with a sloping fairway to the right. The driving range is out of bounds on the left and a waterless ditch runs down the right side. A drive to the right side of the fairway leaves you with the best shot to the green. Birdie is possible to get your round off on the right foot.
  • Hole #2

    There are two number two holes; each a 3-par. The first is a flat medium-length hole with a difficult green to putt. The tee shot must be played long and right of the pin location as the green slopes from left to right and gradually from back to front. Left is no good. The second hole, is a longer downhill hole with a green that slopes from back to front. A tee shot played short and right has the opportunity to kick forward onto the green.
  • Hole #3

    A short dogleg right par 4 with danger right. A boundary fence runs down the entire left side. The tee shot must be played blindly up the right side to leave the best approach into a green with a false front and 3 different levels.
  • Hole #4

    A short to middle length par 3 with a green that slopes severely from left to right. From tee to green keep the ball below the hole. Par is a great score here.
  • Hole #5

    The fifth hole is another short 4-par where long hitters can get their drives close to the green. Be aggressive and challenge the left side to leave an easier play to the green. The green slopes from back to front. Birdie is a real possibility.
  • Hole #6

    The par-5 sixth is all about the tee shot. Played uphill, down the left side and reaching the green in two is possible. Miss right and trees come into play making the hole difficult to get the ball back into play and make par.
  • Hole #7

    This par 3 is the number 18 handicap hole on the course. Choose your club wisely as the tee shot plays often back into the wind. A flat green and no real trouble makes it difficult to make a high number on this hole.
  • Hole #8

    Longest par 4 on the course for men and plays as a par 5 for women. Two (or 3) solid shots should reach this green in regulation. Be aware of your distance however as this bowl-shape green is very deep from front to back.
  • Hole #9

    First of 3 holes in which the tee shot plays over the pond. The carry is not as far as it seems, a solid struck tee shot should carry the hazard with ease. Accuracy is equally important. Keep the ball out of the trees and a very rewarding par can be obtained.
  • Hole #10

    The back nine begins with a 5-par which turns around a tall stand of trees on the right side. The tee shot down the right side of the fairway can be a short cut, but the danger of clipping a tree is always present. Reaching the green in two is a good possibility with the right tee shot.
  • Hole #11

    The eleventh hole is a par 3 that plays over the same pond that fronts the ninth tee. Take an extra club as the tee shot often plays into the wind and the front part of the green is a false-front. Par is a great score here.
  • Hole #12

    A fun risk-reward hole. This short par 4 can be played with anything from 7-iron to driver off the tee. The key is to set up the approach shot with the tee shot. How aggressive you play is the choice that needs to be made. Played properly and birdie can be obtained. Played poorly and it could mean double-bogey, or worse.
  • Hole #13

    The most treacherous green at Spring Valley. This par 4 plays uphill and doglegs sharp left. The aforementioned green makes the approach shot the most difficult on the course. Sloping hard from right to left the ball must be kept below the hole or else a 3-putt bogey becomes a very real possibility.
  • Hole #14

    Difficult uphill par 4. The demanding tee shot must be put into play as left brings tree trouble and right brings a hazard into play. The putting surface isn’t as diabolical as 13 but severe in its own right. Whatever you do, don’t miss your approach left.
  • Hole #15

    Downhill par 4 that requires accuracy and length with the tee shot. Overhanging trees down the right side of the fairway can come into play so stay left-center. Downhill approach shot is played into a green that runs from front to back. Don’t be short of the hole. This green is an optical illusion .. read it carefully.
  • Hole #16

    Long uphill par 3 with a green guarded by a deep left side bunker. Take an extra club as tee shot plays longer than the yardage.
  • Hole #17

    Downhill short par 5 can be had! A solid tee shot, anywhere in play, can make reaching the green in 2 shots a real possibility. This is the most likely birdie hole on the course so enjoy!
  • Hole #18

    Much like no.9 this tee shot plays again over the now infamous pond. Deep rough right of the fairway makes accuracy a premium. The green is guarded by 3 bunkers and has several different pin placements that make this the most complete hole on the course. Birdie will always make lunch, or dinner, taste better!

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