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    Welcome to Spring Valley Golf Course!

Spring Valley was built with a little bit of luck and a lot of love.

When Ray Anderson won the Irish Sweepstakes in the early 1950’s, he saw an opportunity to put his money to work. With a group of local investors, Anderson purchased enough land to carve 18 holes into the rural hills of Milpitas. No course architect, no fancy degrees, just a group of golf enthusiasts intent upon creating a new course to call home.

But the government had a different idea. Citing the need for a reservoir and under the right of imminent domain, the state reclaimed the land. Lucky for us, the powers that be changed their minds just a short time later. The land was returned to Anderson along with a long term lease, and soon the course was completed and open for business in 1956.

Twenty five years flew by with few changes to the course and clubhouse. The golf business was a slow but steady industry and Spring Valley fit right in. Locals loved the ‘welcome home’ atmosphere, the regular afternoons hanging out at the sunken bar and the family of ladies who whipped up homemade milkshakes with a smile. The poor drainage and meager practice facilities were something to gripe about on rainy days while watching the ducks play in the fairways.

Rick, Dana and Greg Jetter can certainly recall those days – after all, they were there. Working the tee, flipping burgers, mowing the fairways. And when the time came for Anderson’s widow to sell the remaining years on the lease, they saw an opportunity to invest in the course they considered home. As partners with long-time Head Golf Professional Richard Stewart, the Jetters bought the years remaining in Anderson’s lease and the future of Spring Valley was underway.

Within a dozen months, negotiations with Santa Clara County were made to extend the lease, giving the Jetters the opportunity to invest much needed Capital back into the facility. A brand new clubhouse and full service restaurant were designed and built. Many new tees and greens and a new irrigation system were installed. Parking lots were paved, cart paths installed, trees planted, holes redesigned, and perhaps most importantly, the drainage was completely reworked. Now when the rains come, play continues. Everyone is happy, except perhaps the ducks.

More than a couple of years have passed since the Jetters began to implement the vision they held for the course they love. The golf industry and the community have seen some profound changes and Spring Valley has kept up with the times. A state of the art practice facility operates everyday of the week, while wedding and banquets have brought a whole new dimension to the business. Wi-fi is easily accessed by customers enjoying the day’s most popular sporting events on one of the many high definition televisions and you can even book a tee time on line. But the heart of the Spring Valley remains the same, it’s still a place golf lovers love to call home.